Single-Vendor PM/EMR Software? Think Twice.

Don't let your practice be held hostage!
Clinical values should drive EMR choice.
Business values should drive PM selection.

Best-of-Breed = Freedom of Choice!


Empower Your Front Desk

Easy-to-Use, Powerful Scheduling

Quickly Book & Locate Appointments, Manage Recurrences, Check Eligibility, and Confirm Visits- All From One Screen!


How's Your Cash Flow?

Reduce Insurance A/R Days

Streamline and Shorten Patient and Insurance Revenue Cycles

Target Underperforming Payers


Supporting Successful Healthcare Businesses

You and your staff work hard to provide value to your patients. You deserve a practice management and billing software provider that goes beyond technology to support the health of your business.

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Service Culture

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Our U.S.-based consultants have decades of combined experience in addressing the unique needs of insurance-based and cosmetic practices and the billing centers that serve them in the fifty states and Puerto Rico. The unique and dynamic nature of the U.S. healthcare market demands, more than just computer skills, a deep understanding on the part of consultants and service personnel of the business environment in which U.S. healthcare providers operate.

Our service consultants are empowered and encouraged to focus on the health of your operation beforei> determining the source of any potential problem through ownership of support cases.

Sadly, many other organizations in our industry encourage support staff to turn over support calls as quickly as possible with little regard for quality, while many others are known to take days to respond to service requests.

Tired of vendors who would sooner point the finger than offer solutions? We understand.

Our service consultants are experts at coordinating with third-party vendors and staff. We love conference calls, group e-mail and bringing a sense of openness and teamwork to every engagement.

Do you wonder where web-based vendors are offering to keep your data and how well it is being protected? You're right to worry.

It's your responsibility under HIPAA-HITECH to ensure that your data is secure and accessible. How much detail are you being offered regarding the security practices of hosted service providers? Are they providing enough documentation? Do you know how to assess its relevance, appropriateness, and validity? With BrickMed on-premises solutions (either purchase or rental), YOUR data resides within YOUR office on YOUR server.


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“I can’t say enough about the product and the Company! Brickell always puts the customer’s needs first!”
M. Jackson, Practice Manager

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Better Billing and Scheduling Software

imgFast, Easy-to-Use, Powerful Scheduling
is at the heart of an efficient front office- from quick check-outs to fast confirmations to eligibility checking. Brickell Scheduler™ is built on nearly twenty years of experience helping busy practices like yours drive value from the front desk.


Billing by You™
Fast Eligibility Checking
Quick Charge Entry Electronic Claims
Powerful Collections and Reporting
Benefit from a solution that has been thoughtfully refined after nearly two decades of listening to and reflecting feedback and suggestions from offices like yours down to the smallest detail.


Quick Deployment, Great Training, Superb Ongoing Support.
We are typically able to install our software and schedule your first training session within two business days of your pre-sales hardware quality review, but our committment to quality doesn't end with great training. Our instruction packages includs short, flexibly-scheduled sessions spread out over the first two or three months of operations after core instruction has been completed to reassure staff and provide an extra bit of "hand-holding" as they refine their use of the solution in your practice context.


Why Choose Best-of-Breed over "Integrated" Billing/EMR Systems

Best-of-Breed Decouples Risk
As EMR systems have increased in popularity- especially given the high rate of failed implementations nationwide- many EMR vendors have discovered that offering "integrated" solutions not only increases the perceived value of their offerings, but gives discontent clients the impression that they must face the prospect of replacing not only their EMR (painful enough all on its own) but also their practice management and billing solutions in order to effect the replacement of an unwanted or ineffective implementation. The harder it is for its clients to leave, the longer the vendor collects subscription or software maintenance fees. This may be good for the vendor, but it's uniformly bad for the providers and employees of an unhappy practice.


Don't Compromise Between Clinical and Business Values
By acquiring well-supported, well-tested standards-based interfaces between best-of-breed systems, your providers can focus on selecting the best EMR for their needs (a decision that should be primarily driven by clinical values and preferences) while the choice of practice management system is optimized to suit the office's business and operational requirements. At BrickMed, we don't want to be an EMR company; our sole, undiluted, mission is to help you run your office more efficiently and more profitably.

Avoiding Double-Entry While Averting Vendor Lock-In
Almost all "integrated" PM/EMR systems vendors (and all dedicated EMR vendors we've ever come across) have experienced interface departments dedicated to managing standards-based connections between their EMR component and third-party practice management systems. The simple truth is they must do this to compete in an increasingly-connected healthcare environment, but salespeople for "integrated" systems vendors are often loathe to mention it unless pressed by a customer who insists on avoiding vendor lock-in and being free to choose the best practice management system for the practice's needs. If an EMR vendor isn't willing to interface to the practice management system of your choice toward reflecting your business values, your providers would do well to keep looking.

Get in touch!
Our customers have just one number to keep handy- we are so confident in the responsiveness of our service department that our sales lines and service lines ring to the same pool!

Telephone: 888-877-8176

What Do Our Clients Say?

The enthusiasm of BrickMed customers is more than a bit flattering, but it's also a testament to our culture of uncompromising customer service...

“Love Technical Support. They are the best group of support among all the different software products we use. Don't know what I would do without them...”
P. Chorazy, Chief Operating Officer